Winter Art Sessions at Kindred in Truckee

November 18, 2016
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Kindred Art and Folk InstituteKindred Art and Folk Institute located in Truckee offers a wide variety of art sessions for all ages using multiple mediums so students are able to experience many different avenues and create new ones together.

Join Kindred for full day art sessions that include a main project, a hike/outdoor activity, cooking and everything creative.

Kindred Art and Folk Institute

Following is a sample of classes at Kindred Art & Folk Institute located at the Community Arts Center in Truckee.

Sweater Owls – Old sweaters repurposed and given new life. Students will create a project that will be treasured as the newest member of the family. Focus will include cutting patterns, knitting, simple hand sewing techniques and design.

Terrariums – A mini-world made from hand blown glass; full of lush and beautiful plants. Students will create their own natural environment to cherish and care for.

Metallic by Nature – Spirits of the forest come to life by painting, writing and metallic leaf basics.

Kindred Spa Day – Everything you need to stay cozy and relaxed on a cold winter day. Students will create small candles, body butter, aromatherapy misters and bath salts.

Thank You Cards and Magnets – Hand made cards are the most enduring way to say thank you. Students will carve stamps, learn about printmaking, calligraphy and other hand drawn typesets and explore the world of collage.

Crayon and Canvas – Painting taken to the next level as we experiment with melting wax landscapes and other multimedia delights.

Life-Cast Sculptures – Students will learn how to make a mold using their hands as the subject matter, then pour and create base, then add metallic finish and woodwork for base. This project will create a lifelong memory that is forever tied to that moment in time.

For more information and registration for these events please contact Kindred by phone 530.205.7336 or  Kindred is located at the Community Art Center at 10046 Church Street in Truckee.