Wildflowers of the Sierra Walk

July 22, 2016

Flower Power.

In case you haven’t noticed, Lake Tahoe’s wildflower season is on. Hillsides are blanketed in mule’s ears, balsamroot, scarlet gilia, paintbrush, wild onions, forget me nots, larkspur, mountain heather and lupine.  They’ll stop you in your tracks with their sheer beauty and fragrance.

Identify wildflowers or just bask in their glory, during a short hike at Hope Valley.

With many a discussion heard out there if it’s a Red Sierra Onion or Woolen-Breeches, Arnica or Balsamroot, Whorled Penstemon or Horsemint, now you can get the expert to make the final identification once and for all.

Learn to identify over 30 species of lilies, orchids, and sunflowers, and get tips on identifying trees, shrubs and native birds, too. Karen, author of Sierra Nevada Wildflowers (available at Sorensen’s) always weaves Native American and pioneer uses of the plants into her walks, sharing knowledge that comes from over two decades exploring the region. Expect a flat, easy, 2 mile round trip walk, including a visit to a secret waterfall. Folks should bring water, snacks, sunscreen, hat, and camera, and should wear sturdy walking/hiking shoes.

With more than 230 wildflowers, “Sierra Nevada Wildflowers” by Weise is one of the most complete field guides for the Sierra Nevada range.   Big close-up photos, easy-to-understand descriptions of the habitat and fun facts will help make your next hike an unforgettable excursion and help you enjoy Tahoe’s 5th season even more.

For class sign-ups and lodging reservations for this popular class, please call Sorensen’s at 800.423.9949.