Wild Horses by Eve Werner

February 20, 2017
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She explores the wildness, movement and beauty of horses in the landscape.

Eve Werner, Truckee artist and landscape architect, captures the moment in her painting “Highland Band” shown here.


Eve favors painting subjects that have an underlying personal symbolism, such as her award-winning equine acrylics. The Equine Images series is an exploration of an animal that has fascinated Eve since her childhood.

“I consider horses to be the most beautiful of species. Their sensual movement and natural elegance, the way light plays against their curves, and their recurring appearance in myths world wide make them irresistible to me. For this series, I extract images from photographs that I take then play with composition, color, and values to heighten the emotional impact while welcoming subconscious input on femininity, sensuality, wildness, and freedom.” says Werner.

Eve Werner is an award-winning acrylic and multi-media painter whose work explores natural subjects that have personal significance. She is known for her vivid use of color and values in expressively painted figurative work and award-winning landscape architectural designs.  In addition to her fascinating equine paintings, Eve specializes in site-specific landscape architecture and garden design combining native and edible plants with artistic accents.


Artist’s Statement:

“Although my pieces begin with planning and forethought, they really come to life as paint, colors, and values interact. Acrylic paints allow me to work quickly, building several layers in each session. This continuity encourages the interplay between opposites – conscious/subconscious, planned/spontaneous, physical/emotional and real/abstract – that gives the final piece its drama.”

Werner is influenced by a variety of modernist and expressive artists, including the Bay Area Society of Six.

Werner has studied painting in the Lake Tahoe and Mendocino coast areas of California since 1995. When not painting, Werner relishes life in the Sierra Nevada, splitting her time between Truckee and Chico, with her family and practices landscape architecture. Her art is found in private collections throughout the United States.

To see more of Eve’s artwork, please visit www.evewerner.com. And, click here to visit Eve’s Garden Designs.