Stand Up Paddle Around Tahoe to Promote Vegan One Day Project

July 4, 2016
    Water Sports

Stand Up Paddling is supposed to be fun and relaxing, so why would someone SUP non-stop, 72 miles around Lake Tahoe in ONE day?  On July 31st, on the evening of a Blue Moon, John Merryfield will embark on a solo, non-stop paddle around the entirety of Lake Tahoe to help end animal cruelty.   […]

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This is the 7th consecutive year that John will make the paddle around the lake to speak out for factory farmed animals with the Vegan 1 Day Project.

The Vegan 1 Day Project is a grass roots effort to encourage the public to adopt a vegan diet for at least one day out of the year, for health, the environment, and for animals. “People are used to eating meat, dairy and eggs even though they’ve heard about the horrible conditions animals experience on factory farms and in slaughterhouses, so sometimes they need a little inspiration to make that healthier transition to a plant based diet.  That’s why I keep paddling around the lake!”

Using the full moon to navigate at night, when the lake is the calmest, John usually completes the paddle in less than 16 hours.    “Paddling alone all night 72 miles around Tahoe is difficult, but pales in comparison to what pigs experience in metal crates, which are crammed in so tight they can’t turn around for most of their lives”.  The Vegan 1 Day Project believes that people  can get all of the protein and nutrition needed in a whole food, plant based diet, and going vegan for even just one day has a positive effect on our consciousness, setting a powerful intention for better health, a cleaner environment, and a more compassionate world.

There will be a vegan pot luck celebration on August 2nd, at 5pm at Adrift Tahoe in Kings Beach, Ca.  For more information, visit

“If you go vegan one day, maybe one day you’ll go vegan.  Try a leafy green fruit smoothie instead of eggs and bacon.  A part-time job (going vegan for one day) could land you a full time position…. with benefits.  Challenge yourself; we’re challenging ourselves in solidarity with you.”