Truckee Pump Track is Open

August 28, 2016

Hats off to the Truckee bike crew. They’ve been hard at work creating magic with dirt for the Truckee Pump Track located at Riverview Sports Park in Truckee – of course!

In less than a year, Truckee agencies, local residents and businesses, and IMBA have built a pump track like none other.

Check out what Seth Lightcamp of Moonshine Ink has to say about it:

A pump track is an undulating dirt course built to loop around without pedaling. It’s reminiscent of a BMX track, only the features are packed closer together. The rounded, tightly spaced terrain features allow you to “pump” the down transitions and keep up your speed as you fly around the bermed corners, wheelie through the whoops, and boost the jumps. Trail intersections that can be ridden both ways allow for endless loop variations and, accordingly, infinite fun in a finite area like a skate park.

All that pumping and jumping requires practiced strength and provides a solid workout, plus a hearty dose of adrenaline when you rail corners without touching the brakes. The facility was designed to welcome all skill levels and includes a beginner track perfect for push bikes, an intermediate loop track, and a pump park built for advanced skill progression. Toddlers, teenagers, bros, pros, moms, and dads will all be able to ride around the park together.

You be the judge.  The new Truckee Pump Track is located at:

Riverview Sports Park

12200 Joerger Drive

Truckee, CA