Thunderbird Lodge Gardeners Club

July 1, 2016

Ever wonder how the beautiful gardens at the Thunderbird Lodge on east shore are maintained?

Through volunteer gardeners, of course! Many of them are master gardeners who belong to the Thunderbird Lodge Gardeners Club.

We all know it’s a challenge to have a garden at Lake Tahoe. And the gardens at the Thunderbird Lodge are no exception. But, with the help of these dedicated volunteers, everyone can learn about native and drought tolerant plants, and share their tips and techniques.

Besides taking care of this historic lodge, you will be able to garden in one of the most stunning settings on the planet – on the shore of Lake Tahoe.  And have fun!

All levels of gardeners are invited, from Masters to newbies.  First timers will work with seasoned gardeners to learn the ropes.  And, if you are a newly certified Master Gardener this is the perfect garden to hone your skills and accrue hours for continuing certification. Most of the gardeners are UNR Master Gardeners.

Weekly general duties include:

♥ Watering containers, planting beds where needed & newly planted trees/shrubs/flowers not on regular irrigation, and weeding.

♥ “Chain Gang Work” focuses on the removal of dead tree branches and manzanita shrubs, and soil erosion work.

Bring your newly sharpened hand tools of choice, gloves, hat and sunscreen along with a sack lunch each week. Gardeners are requested to wear a Thunderbird Lodge tee shirt, long sleeve denim shirt or sweat shirt.  All for sale at the museum store at the Lodge which helps support this magical place and Tahoe’s cultural heritage.

Gardeners Schedule:

The Thunderbird Lodge Gardeners meet every Monday through mid October.   Details of the work schedule and specific needs,  fun photos, and events are all listed on their website. To learn more and become a member, click here.