The Writing Gourmet, Cal Orey

November 15, 2016

cal-oreyLocal health author, Cal Orey, has launched an edgy food-related blog that stands out with a dash of fresh attitude.

The internationally acclaimed author comes out of the pantry and admits, “I hate to cook.” But she practices what she preaches, “I eat to live and do not live to eat”. It’s her secret to staying healthy and lean while savoring fine food.

As a former Diet and Nutrition columnist for the national Woman’s World magazine, and a guest on national radio shows including ‘What’s Cookin’?, Coast to Coast, and KSFO, Orey can talk good food. She confesses when she wrote weekly fad diet articles and mini books on how to lose fat and pounds fast–she was often munching on gourmet pizza, rich French vanilla ice cream, and luxury European chocolate truffles. And she maintained a petite size 4-6 article after writing article and book after book!

Orey is the author of a worldwide successful series: ‘The Healing Powers of Vinegar’, ‘The Healing Powers of Olive Oil’, and ‘The Healing Powers of Chocolate’ (January 2010), all published by Kensington in New York. The recipe to this reader-friendly one-of-a-kind trio for the masses is the traditional and healthful Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. “I’m not a foodie but I do love fresh, gourmet food,” points out Orey. “I wolf down fresh, seasonal vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and fish. Plus, I adore extra virgin olive oil, fancy vinegars, and prestige chocolate.”

The veteran health author dishes out facts on nutrition, health, and recipes created by famous spa chefs. She insists people can break the rules and do as she does:

  • Bake a fresh berry pie with an olive oil crust
  • Indulge in carrot muffins with olive oil and without cream cheese frosting
  • Turn to chocolate (infused with herbs, spices, and fruit)–the Anti-Recession Mood Booster
  • Enjoy an all-natural pizza has superpowers (without gaining unwanted fat)
  • Drizzle olive oil with home grown herbs on French bread
  • Savor hot and cold pasta plates with gourmet cheese and without guilt

chocolate_cover‘The Writing Gourmet’ flaunts famous spa chef’s recipes (from her ‘Healing Powers’ series), witticisms and literary references about food. “I’ve seen friends to strangers pack on the pounds during the ups and downs of life,” concludes Orey. “But if folks eat gourmet food-and stay physical (she regularly swims and walks her two dogs), health and happiness will follow like savoring a luxury Italian dark chocolate covered cherries.”

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About Cal Orey

Cal Orey, once pigeon-holed as a “pets and health magazine journalist,” spread her wings in 2000. A native Californian, relocated to North Lake Tahoe and penned a book on vinegar, including the heart healthy red stuff…and the connection between red wine vinegar and red wine. For more than a decade she has been smitten by the antiaging touted Mediterranean diet and lifestyle–keeping it fresh, all natural, and teamed with “forbidden foods” in moderation–quality olive oil, dark chocolate, and pricey balsamic vinegar. Her best-selling books are The Healing Powers of Vinegar, Revised and Updated and The Healing Powers of Olive Oil: Nature’s Liquid Gold based on the health-boosting traditional diet and lifestyle followed by Eu ropeans. Her reader-friendly vinegar and olive oil books have been translated into 15 languages. Her passion in life is chatting it up about strategies to help people to healthy up, get a move on and go back to home-cooking like the Europeans do.