The Spirit of Christmas Rekindled by Barbara Wesson

June 4, 2016
    ArtArt Scene

During the holiday season out there on Dead Man’s Curve stood the most beautiful Christmas Tree.

There were no homes on the lots surrounding it. It was like the fringe of the forest had been sprinkled with the Spirit of Christmas.

For me that tree stood for everything that is right and beautiful in the world.

The Angora Fire took away that little sentinel of joy along with the neighborhood it watched over leaving behind nothing but darkness and despair.

I wanted to create a symbol of remembrance. A sign of yearning for the return of all those who have no idea how deeply they are missed to come back home.

I found a 2 dollar artificial tree at a yard sale.

My intent was to have a bow represent each home lost to the fire.

I spent Christmas Eve alone tying the yellow bows on its branches thinking about all those who are missing from my neighborhood… this bow is for this home…that bow for another… So many bows…

I ran out of ribbon.

Christmas Day I took my little tree out to stand in the place of its predecessor with the hope that it would touch someone’s heart as deeply as the one lost to the fire had touched mine.

Barbara’s creativity and love of nature is captured in her pottery. She brings a history of expertise to her art form from other areas.

She has studied Zoology and Botany, is an avid succulent specimen collector, an award-winning landscape designer using zero-scaping techniques, and has designed zoo exhibits integrating native plants of the southwest.

And, if that’s not enough…she’s developed a special technique to fire her pots to retain just the right balance of elements to make plants thrive at any elevation – especially 6,200′.

With all this knowledge of plant environments, she’s mastered the perfect succulent habitat in a pot that feeds her creative energy and passion for living.

To make an appointment to see Barbara’s pottery, please email her at and visit

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