The Romancing of Tahoe by Paul Bailey

April 15, 2015

His charming depictions of outdoor activities and use of striking, bold colors will make you fall in love with his vintage Tahoe posters.

Meet Paul Bailey, watercolor painter and designer. […]

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Paul has captured the romance of living in the mountains through his watercolors of nostalgic mountain scenes and lifestyles set in the 1930’s – 1950’s.

While his arrangements and use of light may be simple, they portray typical mountain culture and values, and life’s pleasantries.

They are intentionally made to be wholesome and simple. Like our life in the mountains.

Besides the leading galleries in Tahoe and Truckee, you’ll find his vintage posters in the strangest places. Like McDonalds in Truckee.

You can find Bailey’s vintage posters at Alpine Mountain Systems in Truckee, James Harold Galleries in Tahoe City, and Art Attack in Incline Village.

About Bailey:

Bailey has been a painter and art designer for more than 30 years and is a native Californian. He learned his skill from his parents who taught him graphic art, watercolor and pastel as a child. He later went on to art school, adding studies in architecture as well.

This combination has enriched him with a unique ability to create depth and dimension, bringing the viewer to appreciate the realism of his paintings.

He has worked in many mediums, but has primarily focused on watercolor and pen-and-ink. His popular vintage posters begin as a watercolor.

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  1. hi have you ever seen picture of harvey firestone done by paul bailey? it is a copy. it was signed on lapel of suit coat then at bottom right hand corner paul bailey no. 12

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