Nature’s Colors in Fiber and Glass with the Strand Sisters

August 31, 2016

Catherine StrandAspenSeasons

Catherine’s fused glass and Linda’s fiber-based wall hangings are distinctive yet complementary media celebrating color and design with nature themes.

Once caught scrounging through a tray of glass scraps by an instructor, she was proclaimed a “rat in the glass.” Meet Catherine Strand, glass art wizard from Kings Beach.

Catherine’s art glass pieces reflect her fascination with color and light and the variations of their intensity, and the transformative nature of fire. A meditative vision first aroused her curiosity about glass art.

Characterized by geometric and abstract patterns, her glass pieces are both artistic and functional and capture her fascination with the joy of discovery – much like a rat.

Catherine’s studio in Kings Beach is a perfect playground to experiment with and explore the interactions of color and light with physical shape and design. She loves to engage with fire, or heat, as one of the transformational elements of working with glass.

Catherine StrandSushiSetjpgShe has studied kiln forming and lamp working techniques, and she prefers glass fusing to create functional and aesthetic pieces for the home, the garden, and the body. Objects include plates and bowls to present food or treasures, vases to hold a fresh flower or two, sun catchers to brighten a window, birdbaths to enliven garden chi, and jewelry to add zing to any attire.

In her work she explores color and light by combining pieces of glass in stacks on a table or leaning against a window. Oftentimes, the colors have already combined in a dream or meditation. She imagines where the object might be displayed and used as she conjures the design. Her work is further characterized by geometric and abstract patterns, either asymmetric or balanced.

She wants to inspire the viewer to pick up the piece and hold it to the nearest light source, to have a tactile and visual relationship with her glass art objects.

Catherine Strand
GlasRat Art Glass
8580 Loch Levon Avenue
Kings Beach, CA

To meet Catherine, please call 530-546-6099.