The Art of Nature by Printmaker Michelle Murdock of Quail Lane Press

December 28, 2017

Through her eco-friendly handcrafted prints and cards, she has captured the art of nature and the nature of art.

Meet Michelle Murdock, printmaker, artist and owner of Quail Lane Press in Tahoe City. […]

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Michelle’s intention is to make relief prints about the environment that do not hurt the environment.

Using linoleum plates, all of her linocuts or prints are hand-pulled and printed on 100% cotton fiber paper with non toxic oil-based inks.  Every linocut and detail in her printmaking technique is handmade at her tiny art studio located inside a ski lodge on Quail Lane in Tahoe City.

Michelle used to think she had to choose between a career in science or art, especially having earned a M.S. at Yale.  Today she has reached a happy medium by fusing the two into her prints that help her express her fascination with the intricacies of the natural world.

MichelleMuchdockLouiseAfter living in Rome during her undergrad, Michelle got involved in the Italian graphic novel scene. There, the artists she met inspired her, both artistically and professionally, showing Michelle that it was quite possible to make it as a professional artist.

Michelle’s talent as an illustrator, photographer and printmaker undoubtedly helped!

Michelle Murdock OwlWhile in school Michelle studied environmental science focusing on ornithology, and also took a number of art courses.  She soon discovered a way to combine her passion for art and science by incorporating science into her artwork.  Michelle would either draw flora and fauna or make it the subject matter of her photographs and prints.

Michelle’s favorite subjects include birds of Tahoe and our majestic trees such as the Jeffrey Pine and Sugar Pine.

“A lot of my prints come out of my daily life in Tahoe taking walks with the dogs and looking around the forest at the trees and birds. I use single plate, multi-plate and the reduction technique to allow me to express how I perceive the changes that the forest, and the creatures within it, undergo through seasons, or just day to day.” Michelle Murdock

In addition to the environmentally-friendly printmaking process, all of  the prints are shipped flat in a biodegradable cello sleeve, and cards include a  brown recycled paper envelope.

Michelle Murdock Jeffrey PineYou can reach Michelle at Quail Lane Press by calling (530) 581-2203 or visit her website at

You can find her prints and cards online or in person at these fine shops:

Drake & Lulus Art Shed

Truckee Book and Bean

New Moon Natural Foods (Truckee and Tahoe City)

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  1. Great feature article about most definitely a very talented local artist. We love Michelle’s art and use a varity of her cards on a regular basis. It is nice to have stationary that so thoughtfully reflects our flora and fauna and is also produced in an environmentally friendly way.

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