Tahoe Star Tours with Astronomer Poet Tony Berendsen

June 18, 2021

Lake Tahoe’s crystal clear dark nights are perfect for star gazing and there’s no better guide than poet-astronomer Tony Berendsen, owner to Tahoe Star Tours. […]

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Fascinated with Astronomy since he was given a telescope at age eight, Tony uses a unique mix of art and science to help his guests understand the view into space.  He recites poems written for the purpose of describing the cosmos, he calls “Poastromy” during his Tahoe Star Tours.

Berendsen leads every tour, with each one featuring a lively science-based talk about the cosmos and poetry reading. Guests of all ages will enjoy an easy to moderate snowshoe walk with an unobstructed view of the cosmos, followed by the opportunity to view constellations through high-powered, professional telescopes manufactured by Celestron, the world’s leading telescope manufacturer.

The Dark Skies Cosmoarium is located in the Castle Peak parking lot area of Northstar California Ski Resort featuring choreographed astronomy shows and docent guided viewing through computerized Celestron telescopes every Thursday and Saturday during the summer from June 13 to August 31.

The telescopes use leading edge computerized technology enabling sharp, accurate pointing and tracking, with optics for clear, clean images.

“The stargazing opportunities that will exist this summer are rare.”

The planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus will be visible all summer long, and in late August Mercury will also be visible,” said Tony Berendsen, owner of Tahoe Star Tours. “Tahoe Star Tours participants will not only have the opportunity to view the planets, will be able to take their own photos of what they’re viewing thanks to the new astro imaging technology offered by Celestron’s latest line of high-powered telescopes.”

In addition, the new telescope technology used by Tahoe Star Tours will include Celestron’s NexStar Evolution, featuring the ability to send out its own WiFi signal so that with download of the corresponding free app, Sky Portal, stargazers will be able to control the telescope remotely on-site, while also having access to more information about what they’re looking at in the night sky.

Located near the entrance to Northstar on the lower level of the Castle Peak parking area, the Dark Skies Cosmoarium features wide, unobstructed horizons for viewing. Tahoe Star Tours participants will have access to comfortable seating, fire pits, outdoor heaters, as well as convenient, free on-site parking just a short walk from the viewing area and more.

For more information, visit https://www.tahoestartours.com/