“Tahoe Night” Mystery Thriller by Todd Borg

September 2, 2016

Tahoe NightIt’s the next “whodunit” written by South Shore author, Todd Borg.

The greatest danger comes at the darkest hour… Todd Borg’s 7th novel in his best-selling Tahoe Mystery series titled TAHOE NIGHT is available now.

Featuring Detective Owen McKenna and his Great Dane Spot, TAHOE NIGHT is about a local TV talk show host who gets involved in a deadly art forgery. The novel tells the story of Leah Printner, host of the popular “Tahoe Live” TV show.

Besides being an excellent story teller, Borg is extremely clever at weaving in Tahoe restaurants and hot spots, points of interest and Tahoe history to give the reader a sense of place in this latest fiction thriller.  Like his six other Tahoe mysteries, TAHOE NIGHT jumps right into the plot building the suspense early and deliberately. It’s another classic page turner by Todd Borg who continues to entertain audiences of all ages through his books and at his talks and book signings.

More about TAHOE NIGHT:

Leah, host of the popular “Tahoe Live” TV show, had a successful life until a car accident killed her husband and left her face badly scarred, ending her career. At the request of Leah’s and her father’s landlady, McKenna is hired to look after them.

McKenna is only on the job a few hours when Leah’s father is killed.

When the killer makes an attempt on Leah’s life, Detective McKenna rushes her into hiding on a sailboat anchored out on the freezing waters of Lake Tahoe. As McKenna investigates, he learns that the murder is connected to an art forgery of old-master paintings, and that the killers have a fixation on Grendel, the fictional monster from the ancient, epic poem, Beowulf.

McKenna gets a lead that sends him racing to New York City, then to Santa Fe, and back to Tahoe to unravel a puzzle dating back to 17th Century Holland. Five mysterious paintings are connected to a vicious killer who believes that Grendel will pay him richly, if only he succeeds in killing the woman…

Under the paralysis of fear and the trauma of injury, Leah’s life hits bottom. The woman is broken and maybe beyond saving. But the killer made one fatal mistake. He took down the father and tried to kill the daughter on McKenna’s watch…

Author Todd BorgTAHOE NIGHT has already received a great pre-publication review from the prestigious New York journal, Kirkus Reviews. They called TAHOE NIGHT, “An action-packed thriller, featuring nice-guy hero Owen McKenna, an even nicer dog, and some worthwhile advice based on meticulous research into how to forge and frame and old-master painting.”

Just as engaging as his thrillers is Todd himself during his book signings and talks. For more info visit ww.toddborg.com.

Borg is author of six other award-winning Tahoe-set mysteries: Tahoe Death Fall, Tahoe BlowUp, Tahoe Ice Grave, Tahoe Kill Shot, Tahoe Avalanche and Tahoe Silence which won the Ben Franklin Award for Best Mystery of the Year.