Tahoe Maritime History at Tallac Historic Site

July 10, 2017

“Q” is the nickname of this 1921 classic yacht on display at the Tallac Historic Site. Was she called the “Q” because her name was hard to pronounce, or because it was used by the US Navy in top-secret operations on Lake Tahoe during WWII?

Find out and learn more about the restoration of the Quic chakidn at the Tallac Historic Site in South Lake Tahoe. […]

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Jeff LaRoche is at the helm of Tahoe Classic Yachts, a unique maritime museum that highlights the rich history of Tahoe’s past showcasing large and small watercraft, and a variety of antique engines in a beautiful boat house at the Tallac Historic Site in South Shore. To learn more about the Q and the maritime museum, visit the Tahoe Classic Yachts website or head to the historic site.


The Q is an original 1921 cruiser built in the San Francisco Bay Area ordered and delivered to the Hobart family who operated a huge lumber operation on the north and east shores. She was transported by rail to Tahoe City and had separate boathouses on the east and west shores of Lake Tahoe. She now rests comfortably at South Lake Tahoe in a boat house near the famous Pope and Baldwin estates.

During the 1920s she was a pleasure cruiser that hosted socialites and silent movie stars. During WWII she was used by the US Navy for secret wartime experiments. Following, the “Q” was one of the first passenger carrying boats operating out of South Shore to take guests out onto Lake Tahoe.