Tahoe Fire Glass by Molly B

November 3, 2021
    Made in Tahoe

Molly B of Tahoe Fire Glass has specialized in kiln fired and porcelain jewelry since 1983.

Tahoe Fire Glass by Molly B

This delicate art form requires meticulous skills and talent due to the fragility of the precious materials used in the settings.

Looks like Molly is a pro!

It was 30 years ago when Molly fell in love with fused glass and wire wrapping and Tahoe Fire Glass was born in her art studio in South Lake Tahoe.

Molly’s distinctive style and innate talent lies in her ability to balance the glass and intricate wire wrapping to showcase the beauty of the fused glass piece without overpowering it, creating a total work of art.

She starts with a piece of dichroic glass, then layers it with various colored glass (up to 8 layers in some pieces) to achieve the design she is seeking. Many of her pieces are adorned with swarovski crystals like the Dichroic glass pendant pictured here that also includes pink and blue glass. Finally, each piece is wire wrapped in sterling silver or 14 karat gold-filled wire.

Molly is also well known for her intricate wire wrapping designs using sterling silver or 14 karat gold-filled wire. that can be performed on most precious stones (as long as they are not too soft) turning them into wearable jewelry.

Molly and her husband Mike attend several shows throughout the year, in Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

To learn more about Tahoe Fire Glass, please visit www.tahoefireglass.com.  Or better yet, make an appointment to see more of Molly’s work or for custom wire work at (775) 772-6165 or mollyb@tahoefireglass.com

3 thoughts on “Tahoe Fire Glass by Molly B

  1. I love Molly’s work and I have been so frustrated to have lost her contact information. I am so excited to see this information here. Molly if you are reading this please contact me with a way that I can see an order more of your work. All the friends that I have given pieces to are clamoring for more !! You have many fans in Southern California. Please use this email to contact me and let me know where I can see more of your work and how I can make a purchase.
    Thank you , Keep creating such beautiful things it is good for the world!!! Dawna

  2. I too love Molly’s work. I was in South Lake Tahoe at the end of June 2010 and was not able to buy some of her work. I would like to also see more of your work to purchase online. However, I live in Kentucky and wont be out that way for a while and cant wait untill then. I really loved your Tahoe Blue pieces. Am very interested to purchase. Please contact. Thanks so much for your attention to this matter.

  3. Dear Molly,

    Do you ever teach wire wrapping? I always make necklaces for my aunts on the east coast for Christmas and would love to try something different for them. If you don’t teach can you recommend someone that might.

    Thank you

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