Succulent Planters by Barbara Wesson

October 2, 2016
    Made in Tahoe

As an avid succulent collector, Barbara found it almost impossible to find suitable pots for her specimen plants.

That’s when she decided to make her own and share them with other succulent collectors (and every art lover!)

Meet Barbara Wesson of South Lake Tahoe.

Barbara’s creativity and love of nature is captured in her pottery.

“I work with clay. Elements derived from the earth.

Forms created through rhythm and motion.

Like the process that completes my work, it fires me up.

Keeps my inner fire burning and sets my soul free.” Barbara Wesson

Looking at Barbara’s pottery, one might not realize the expertise she brings to her art form from other areas.

She has studied Zoology and Botany, is an avid succulent specimen collector, an award-winning landscape designer using zero-scaping techniques, and has designed zoo exhibits integrating native plants of the southwest.

And if that’s not enough, she’s developed a special technique to fire her pots to retain just the right balance of elements to make plants thrive at any elevation – especially 6,200′.

With all this knowledge of plant environments, she’s mastered the perfect succulent habitat in a pot that feeds her creative energy and passion for living.

Barbara WessonBest of all, her pots are Made in Tahoe and won’t break the piggy bank. Or, Barbara will be happy to make you a new little piggy.

In addition to succulent planter pots, Barbara also makes vases, bowls, wall packets, and decorative garden pieces like her toadstools.

Barbara can customize the color and size of any of her pots or pottery to suit your style.

To see Barbara’s pottery, please visit