“Something Doing Every Minute”…Tahoe Village Casino circa 1950

June 15, 2017


Tahoe’s casinos date back to the 1920’s when Elias J. “Lucky” Baldwin built the “Greatest Casino in America”.

But, this casino was built on the California Side at the Tallac Resort in South Lake Tahoe which was a popular hangout for the nouveau rich from San Francisco, Sacramento and Virginia City.

You can still see the concrete foundation today.


Fast forward to 1926, and gaming on the Nevada side:

The Ta-Neva-Ho (present day Cal Neva) opened as Crystal Bay’s first casino, followed by the Tahoe Biltmore and others on the North Shore.


In South Lake Tahoe, William F. Harrah purchased George’s Gateway Club in January 1955 for $500,000, and the Harrah’s Lake Club opened in June 20, 1955 which is now Harveys.


In 1958, Harrah acquired an interest in the Stateline Country Club and Nevada Club across the street (Harrah’s current location) and opened Harrah’s Stateline Club.

Photos: Burton Frasher Sr. 1888-1955, Pomona Public Library

  • Tahoe Village, South Lake Tahoe, 1950
  • Cal Neva, Crystal Bay, North Lake Tahoe, 1940
  • Stateline Country Club, South Lake Tahoe, 1933
  • Stateline, South Lake Tahoe, 1953