Sing-Along Book about Wildlife released by South Shore Teacher

October 20, 2016

South Shore teacher, Krissi Russell, has released her new sing-along book about living with wildlife.

“In the Meadow (Don’t Feed Our Bears)” is a sweet short story that teaches kids (and even adults) about the importance of not feeding bears in order to keep them wild.

Krissi was inspired to create her sing along book after a bear walked 10 feet from her young son’s lemonade stand in their front yard.

As a teacher and songwriter, Krissi understands that music is a powerful teaching tool that allows children to creatively express themselves while learning words.

As such, she has created interactive lesson plans for K-3 school children with specific activities that teach important environmental lessons. One such lesson plan for first graders teaches them to identify foods that are appropriate and inappropriate for bears and other wild animals to eat; and to discuss ways in which humans can help keep wildlife wild.

For more information and to listen to “In the Meadow (Don’t Feed Our Bears)”, visit