Gratitude for Selfless Acts of Courage

June 5, 2016
    ArtArt Scene

Thank you Firefighters and all Emergency Personnel.

Words cannot express the magnitude of our gratitude.

We all know one, two, a dozen or more of the firefighters and emergency personnel who responded that day and through July.

They were relentless. Driven.

Their courage and bravery touched all of us. Especially because we knew them. And we knew they were fighting the fire to save a friend’s house, a neighbor’s, or their own. Above all, they were fighting to save lives and their home town.

So many stories of the selfless acts of courage abound. Like the one about the crew who in order to escape the flames had to break down a garage door for safety. Before they moved on, they left an apology note to the home owner…

Click here for a wonderful collection of the signs of gratitude that poured out to these heroes.

Slide Show by Gary and Richard Bolen, The Listing Company.

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