Rubicon Ramblings by Poet Judy Tretheway

April 27, 2015

Her book of poems and stories about her intimate wanderings in the woods under the north flank of Rubicon Peak is a salute to Tahoe’s majestic sentinels that lure us deeper into ourselves. […]

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Rubicon Ramblings by Judy Tretheway is a wonderful collection of the author’s experience of communion in the forest. We can all relate through poems like The Forest is My Church, Catch My Breath, No Turning Back, Bear Trail, Pollination, and What is Enough?

Judy Tretheway is the author of two previous collections of poetry, Gifts of Suffering; a chaplain’s first year, and Everywhere: Poems from 2007. She is a spiritual director, as well as volunteer QiGong meditation teacher and spiritual group facilitator inside Folsom Prison.

Rubicon Ramblings is available on the west shore at Sunnyside Market, Tahoe Bread Co; in Tahoe City at the Bookshelf at the Boatworks Mall; in Truckee at the Bookshelf at Hooligan Rocks, For Goodness Sake and Truckee Book and Bean; and The  Potlatch in Incline Village. And at

What is Enough?

Tell me how it happens,
magnificent one,
who stretches
into the golden light above the creek.

Tell me how you can stand
so full
when under you flows
a rush of water and foam,
rock and debris.

looking_up_the_cedar Judy TrethewayThe very water that feeds you
washes away
the earth from your roots.
You grab onto the big boulders
while the soil
full of your food travels on.

Every other tree I can see
greets the earth with a full embrace.
Your tether is tenuous,
yet it must be enough.

What is enough
in this swiftly flowing world?

How much security beneath our feet
do we really need
while we reach for our place
in the sun?