Regal Rooster Art by Nancy Abicht

October 30, 2022

Her subjects like to strut their stuff.

Roosters by local watercolorist Nancy Abicht is a delightful international parade of bold roosters captured with magnificent light and detail, made in Tahoe of all places. […]

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It’s as if Nancy has studied her subjects a very long time in order to capture the colorful feathers and head dresses in her watercolor and oil paintings, and to get into their souls.

There’s Prince.

Barnyard Prince. El Gallo. Gilbert.

El Blanco.

Frank & Betty. And Chex.

Not only do their names illustrate their pecking order, Nancy also depicts the barnyard mood in several of her paintings like Denial, Sunday Strut and Serendipity.

Nancy’s unique gift for capturing the human characteristics of humans in her roosters (Yes, roosters are male chickens. Hens are female), has won her many fans amidst art collectors throughout the U.S.

tiles4759.jpgNancy’s beautiful roosters are available in paintings as well as in tiles, hand towels, cobblestone trivets, Italian tumbled marble trivets and coasters.

To see all of Nancy’s Roosters, click here to visit her website.