RearView Miracles by Heather and Hillary

July 21, 2022
    Made in Tahoe

Rearview Miracles

When driving down the road of life, often we don’t know how good we have it, until we see it in the rear view mirror.

To help us remember the beauty of the past and the magic of the moment, Hillary Dembroff and Heather Kovac of South Lake Tahoe have created crystal hangings and jewelry charged with metaphysical and healing properties they call RearView Miracles.

The composition of crystals, natural stones and handmade beads in each Rearview Miracle piece is distinctive and designed by Hillary and Heather in their little art studio in South Shore.

Since miracles come in all shapes and sizes, so does the extensive collection of crystal hangings which is divided into three classes and sizes to give you that extra edge. There are smaller rear view miracles for your car (shown here). Garden bells perfect for your yard. And, larger Major Miracles suitable and often necessary for your home and office.

But, the creativity doesn’t stop with their wide assortment of whimsical and enchanting crystal hangings.  Hillary and Heather also create one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings so you’ll be blessed with miracles wherever you go.Rearview Miracles necklace

Click here to learn more about RearView Miracles, or you can find them in South Lake Tahoe at Gaia Licious on Tallac Avenue and Aprés Wine Company on Ski Run Blvd in the Ski Run Center.