Painting from the Inside Out, An Exploration of Artistic Expressivity with Yasmin Sayyed

October 6, 2016
    ArtArt Scene

With commanding style and grace, she paints with brushes dipped in love to help us creatively express ourselves in times of trouble.  She uses art as a healing agent, to help us understand we are not alone, and to help us discover the power in our interconnectedness.

With life as the medium, Yasmin A. Sayyed, Ed.D, local artist, poet, and expressive arts therapist, is offering painting classes unlike any other. Painting from the Inside Out, An Exploration of Artistic Expressivity, painting instruction for individuals and small groups, take place at Sayyed’s South Shore studio.

With graduate degrees in art, art therapy, counseling, and a doctorate in education, she’s a fascinating woman with a fascinating story.  Yasmin was born in New York City, of Cape Verdean and Caribbean ancestry.  She studied art, education, and psychology in New York, Rhode Island and California.  Soon she’ll add author to her accomplishments once she completes her book about art and healing, which will include forty of her paintings.

Yasmin is an internationally acclaimed artist with paintings displayed in New York, San Francisco, Southern California and Lake Tahoe. A strong proponent of justice for all humanity, Yasmin is involved in many art projects including Fusionart International, Manhattan Arts International, and the Heaven to Earth Art Project. She will also participate in the El Dorado Arts Council Colors of the Soul exhibition, Aug 28 – Oct 6, 2012, which features representative art about the journey of health and healing.

Combing her art and counseling, Yasmin is also an expressive arts therapist and has experience working with children in socio-emotional struggle.

Her art has a freedom of movement, that every artist can appreciate and learn from watching her paint.

“Art is a language of the heart; it can fuse intellect and sacredness in a single brush stroke, and in a single intention of standing in union with nature and cosmic rhythms. As an artist I feel compelled by an inner calling of spirit and character to examine my realities with a heart set to amplify what heals the struggles and delights of the soul.

My paintings speak to the union of like and unalike elements dancing in an awakened, unblinking vision of unity, and speaking a tongue full of anticipations of connecting and interrelating the many veils of knowledge and ways of being with one another in harmony. I paint with brushes dipped in an elegance and splendour of that language.” Yasmin A. Sayyed, Ed.D

Painting from the Inside Out, An Exploration of Artistic Expressivity with Yasmin Sayyed

$50 per hour for individuals
$35 per hour/per person for groups of two or three people

Yasmin invites everyone to join her for art lessons, and will also make financial consideration for families.

To learn more about her art classes, please send an email to Yasmin at or call her at (530) 573-1964.

And, be sure to view more of her paintings and learn how she’s helping to change the world and our community through her healing paintings and poetry at