Olive Oil: Nature’s Liquid Gold by Cal Orey

July 15, 2017

She believes that Olive Oil is not only liquid gold for health, it’s also a remedy for fighting the recession.

It’s just one more reason to use olive oil, according to local author, Cal Orey. […]

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From health ailments to beauty and household uses, olive oil has been used as a remedy for everything. And now – it may be the perfect recession rescuer.

Evidence shows that a diet based on olive oil can promote longer life and may even prevent some diseases linked with American diets. In The Healing Powers of Olive Oil: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Gold, local health advocate and journalist, Cal Orey describes the latest medical research from leading experts on the many benefits of olive oil.

* Inhibiting breast and colon cancer

* Preventing diabetes

* Reducing cholesterol to lower your chances for heart disease

* Speeding weight loss

* Lowering blood pressure

* Soothing diaper rash

* Minimizing stretch marks and wrinkles

* Cleaning your house

* Reducing shedding in pets

Orey also thinks that olive oil will help curb the impact of the recession. She believes that people will forgo processed foods (hopefully) and get back to more natural and healthier choices such as Mediterranean-type casseroles, stir-frys, salads, and whole grain breads drizzled and dipped with all natural extra virgin olive oil. YUM!

Orey also promotes the healing attributes of oil. “Medical studies prove polyphenols (disease fighting antioxidants found in red wine, green tea, dark chocolate, and extra virgin olive oil) may help lower the risk of developing heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and obesity. And staying healthy can ease costly medical bills and health insurance payments which are on the rise.” stated Orey in a recent NPR interview.

Olive oil’s cure-all record also makes it more practical and cost-effective to have one (or two) cures around the house such as olive oil and vinegar that works for many ailments such as burns, cuts, earaches, and sore muscles. Do-it-yourself olive oil and vinegar remedies can really help your health and budget.

About the Author:

Cal Orey is an author and a popular international journalist living in North Lake Tahoe. She has a masters degree in English from San Francisco State University, and for the past twenty years, has written hundreds of articles for a wide variety of national and international magazines. She specializes in topics on nutrition, human and pet health, beauty, and relationships. Her books include ‘The Healing Powers of Vinegar’, Doctor’s Orders: What 101 Doctors Do to Stay Healthy’, ‘The Sky is Falling! A Global Warming Survival Guide’ and ‘The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes’.

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More information about ‘The Healing Powers of Olive Oil’ can be found at www.calorey.com.

Orey is currently working on a book about the health benefits of chocolate – Yes! Finally.