Kit Night at Valhalla

August 10, 2016
    ArtArt Scene

Kit Night Tahoe CultureSouth Lake Tahoe artist Kit Night is jazzing up Valhalla as the featured Artist in residence August 12 to 28, 2016.

You can ask Kit about her inspiration, watch her paint or just hang out and all that jazz, with Kit of course, from 11am to 4pm daily in the beautiful setting next to the lake.

Kit’s delightful oil paintings are influenced by Jazz and her love of color. Bright color. Bold color.  Color allows her to play with light, while the sweet sound of Jazz inspires her to push the limit adding dimension and animation to her Citrus Jazz and Glass Harmonies paintings. Kit is an oil painter living in South Lake Tahoe, and she is also the creator of “Art in the Morning,” a weekly artistic boost that lifts the spirits and brings art into our every day lives.

Doo Wop Turquoise Tahoe CultureNight’s work has received praise from art critic, essayist and Pulitzer Prize winner John Updike, jazz composer, pianist and creator of NPR’s “Piano Jazz”, Marian McPartland and best-selling author of “Art & Physics”, Leonard Shlain.

“My work is influenced by Jazz. Miles, Coltrane, Dizzy, Evans, Brubeck and, as Count Basie used to refer to him, “Oscar Pete.” I love listening to the old guys tell their stories and talk about their struggles. Listening to Jazz Profiles on NPR, it’s like hanging out with them late at night. The music is alive, always changing. They push space. They push themselves to take risks. This is what I try to do with my paintings.”

Night will be the featured artist in residence at Valhalla August 12-18, 2016.  For more information, please visit