Nature’s Splendor by Lucy Allyson Isbell

May 29, 2016

Lucy Allyson Isbell has been in love with Lake Tahoe since her parents moved here over forty years ago. A few years later she started studying photography and spent many happy hours in the darkroom.

Isbell is still moved daily by the beauty surrounding us. Vivid colors supplied by nature are her palette and she is thrilled to create new photographs that portray nature’s splendor.

Macro photography is one of her preferred formats with its focus on flowers and other intricate designs.  Fuji Chrome Velvia 50 slide film allows Lucy to capture rich vibrant colors. The colors that you see here are not altered in any way.  In the past she has used traditional slide film mediums with digital scanning.

She has embraced the newly developing digital world and has spent the last few years studying that process. It is a field that is constantly evolving, and provides unlimited creative opportunities.

Lucy Allyson Isbell Has Been In Love with Lake Tahoe Since Her Parents Moved Here over 40 years ago. She Is Still Moved Daily By The Beauty Surrounding Us.  Vivid Colors Supplied By Nature Are Her Palette And She Is Thrilled To Create New Photographs That Portray Nature’s Splendor.

Macro Photography Is One Of Her Preferred Formats With Its Focus On Flowers And Other Intricate Designs. Fuji Chrome Velvia 50 Slide Film Helps Lucy Capture Her Rich Vibrant Colors.  The Colors That You See Are Not Altered In Anyway.

She Has Embraced The Newly Developing Digital World And Has Spent The Last few Years Studying That Process.  It Is A Field That Is Constantly Evolving, And Provides Unlimited Creative Opportunities.

In the Past she has used Traditional  Slide Film Mediums With Digital Scanning. Fuji Chrome Velvia 50 Slide Film Helps Lucy Capture Her Rich Vibrant Colors. Just Recently Lucy Has Started To Be Pleased With Her Images From Her New Digital Camera.

Printing Her Own Giclee Prints, Gives Lucy Total Control Over Her Photographic Process.

Isbell’s photographs, along with the works of other local artisans, are available at North Tahoe Arts in Tahoe City next to the fire station. For more information, call (530) 581-2787 or email