Nature Photographer Scott Thompson

January 21, 2018

Nature photographer Scott Thompson of Truckee invites you to enjoy the beauty of frozen time through his countless images ranging from abstract and art, animals and wildlife, to Tahoe landscapes and plants. […]

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His photos serve as a visual reminder of the endless beauty of nature.

Like many of our local photographers, one of Scott’s favorite subjects is his home – Lake Tahoe.

“I try to celebrate the beauty of Tahoe by capturing a frozen moment in time with my photography. My hope is that when you view my photographs, you wont just think ‘Wow, that’s nice,’ but that you will be inspired to explore for yourself the endless beauty the Tahoe area has to offer.” Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson, born 1976 in Van Nuys, California, has always had a love of art. His formal training began at Humboldt State University, where he took many drawing and painting courses.Later he moved to San Diego, where he was given an old Olympus OM-1 by his grandfather. Scott decided to take a black and white photography course at Mesa College and was immediately hooked. He started working at a camera store and continued to take courses in photography. Scott has also served time in a 1-hour photo lab, worked as a resort portrait photographer, and has done some band photography while living in L.A.

Thompson_FullMoonOverLakeTahoe2_20x30_PhotographyCurrently Scott lives Truckee, after moving there in April 2002 with his wife and son to live the mountain lifestyle. Living in Truckee has allowed nature photography to become his primary art focus. He loves to get out and explore the beauty the Tahoe area has to offer.

Scott Thompson photographs with a variety of cameras and film. With one of his methods, he uses his Canon EOS3 and Fuji Velvia 35mm slide film. His film is processed by a professional lab and sent back to Scott where he takes it to his digital darkroom. This is where Scott becomes what has been called a hybrid photographer. Meaning he mixes traditional shooting with digital printing. Scott scans his film into the computer by using a Canon Canoscan FS4000US run by VueScan software. Next he color corrects the image in Adobe Photoshop to match the original transparency as best as possible.

Scott’s newest method is purely digital. Scott owns and uses a Canon 1DS Mark III, a 21.1 megapixel digital camera. Even though Scott has mostly gone digital, he still tries to keep a traditional look and feel to his photographs and prints.

Thompson_ScottAtWorkInHisStudio_PhotographyScott prints on an Epson Stylus Pro 9600, one of Epson’s 44” wide archival inkjet printers. The paper he uses for his limited edition prints is a fine art, 100% cotton, and acid free paper.

Scott Shots Photography
12297 Schussing Way
Truckee, Ca 96161

(530) 277-7890

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Featured photos by Scott: Mule Ears at Boca Reservoir

Full Moon over Lake Tahoe