Muralist John Holland

October 14, 2017

The most unique mural he ever painted was the inside of a 10,000-gallon water tank to look like an old mine shaft.  The tank was converted into a wine tasting room. John Holland has been creating murals for over 30 years. […]

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Holland’s career as a muralist started back in 1969, while he was attending Cabrillo College when he painted a mural of a bull fighting scene in a Mexican restaurant, on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Transferring to San Diego State, he continued to paint murals and supergraphics to pay expenses. From 1977 to 1987, Holland designed wallcoverings, designing collections and custom orders. He taught screen printing at night school for the San Diego Community College district, from1972 to 1977. He taught various art classes at Lake Tahoe Community College, from 1993 to 1998.

“Nothing makes a more dramatic impact on an environment than a mural … Murals make a space larger and more colorful … they create a theme.” – John Holland

John’s murals grace the walls, ceilings, floors and furniture of homes, businesses and institutions throughout the West Coast. Combined with some soothing, sophisticated faux finishes, the murals seem to belong where they are painted. All his murals are painted by hand; no computer images or printing is involved. Following in the footsteps of the old masters, John laboriously involves his extensive knowledge of art to create permanent masterpieces that his clients will admire every day.

Holland’s clientele includes casinos, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, private residences, fitness centers, retail stores and many others. This is what he does for a living; it is not a part-time endeavor. Sacramento is his base of operations; however, he is often found working from San Diego to Seattle, as well as, Reno and Lake Tahoe.