More Alive Now: Simple Nutrition to Change Your Life by Susan Frailey RN BSN

July 14, 2017

Through her own life changing experiences, Susan has witnessed the profound and powerful benefits of simple nutrition for herself and her family. Now she wants to share it with you. […]

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Susan Frailey RN BSN from South Lake Tahoe recently published her breakthrough approach to nutrition in her new book, More Alive Now: Simple Nutrition to Change Your Life.

Through her innovative nutritional tools that make sense, are easy to follow, and will last a lifetime, Susan has joined Andrew Weil and Michael Pollan as a pioneer in the art of nutrition committed to help us achieve optimal health through simple daily decisions. As a mother of an autistic child, a full time health practitioner, entrepreneur and business owner, if Susan can do it, anyone can.

As a life long advocate of health and nutrition, Susan got serious about it when her son Dylan was diagnosed with autism at age three.  Deep inside she knew a cleaner diet would help Dylan, as well as herself, and she dedicated her life to find simple tools that she could easily integrate into both of their busy lives.

While on her journey, Susan realized that life changes change our lives, especially impacting our daily food choices.  With that in mind, she set out to simplify our nutritional choices and developed a breakthrough approach that is resonating with everyone.  More Alive Now: Simple Nutrition to Change Your Life focuses on nutrition and health as a living spiral, one we are on at all times, moving one way or the other. Life occurrences and daily nutrition choices dictate our position on this undulating mind/body/spirit continuum every day.

To guide us on our personal path to wellness, More Alive Now is designed to help us make choices that nourish our body and give us the necessary elements for cellular regeneration and, ultimately, health regeneration and movement up the living spiral of wellness.

Susan’s book includes the essential life-giving nutrients missing from the outdated FDA pyramid such as probiotic foods and beverages; oils, essentials fats and omegas, and minerals; and easy to follow steps for food combining to avoid gastrointestinal problems, and how to harness the pH power of foods to immediately improve our health and well-being.

In addition to a simplified discussion about nutritional choices that anyone can understand and implement, Susan has included useful charts that outline food combining, ph Balance foods and the More Alive Now food pyramid, as well as delicious recipes, meal planning tips, and resources for shopping.

Throughout the year, Susan gives demonstrations to make probiotic foods in Lake Tahoe and is also available for nutrition and body cleansing consultations.  She will be holding book signings and lectures for More Alive Now in the upcoming year.

In the meantime, to learn more about Susan’s story and to purchase More Alive Now: Simple Nutrition to Change Your Life, please visit You can also find her book at Grass Roots Natural Foods in South Lake Tahoe and on Amazon.

About Susan:

Susan Frailey, founder of More Alive Now and OSANA Publishing, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, and has been a practicing registered nurse since 1984. A self-help advocate and researcher since her early twenties in the conventional and complementary healing realms, Susan has accomplished in-depth reading and practice into the alternative health regimes of Bernard Jensen, Harvey Kellogg, and Paul Bragg, along with studies of massage therapy, shiatsu, and reflexology.

She holds practitioner certifications in Matrix Energetics®‚ EMF Balancing Technique©, and is a level IV colon hydrotherapist who applies these experiences and modalities of health care in combination with her traditional nursing career. As a graduate of the Cathy Shea International School of Colon Hydrotherapy, and owner/operator of Evolutionary Healthcare, a digestive health and detoxification business for four years, Susan has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge in nutrition, cleansing, and healing from herself, her clients, and clinical experience.