Melissa Lanitis Gregory – Art with a Recycled Soul

October 5, 2016
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Mixed-media artist Melissa Lanitis Gregory came to Tahoe for 4 days…20 years ago.

Leaving her Assistant Art Director job in New York City for a waitressing job in Tahoe seemed like a no-brainer.

After years working in the local graphic design/advertising industry, Melissa was given a book on the art of papier mache, and has been creating unusual pieces ever since.

Inspiration shows up in odd places for Melissa. “I‘m fascinated by this wood my husband cut up from old fence boards. They‘re kindling, but I keep taking the cool-shaped ones and stashing them.” She also cites folk art, Peter Max, and her design training as influences. The colorful bowls, clocks, and decorative pieces are fun with a slighty mystical bent and a recycled soul.

2_2.jpgYou may have seen Melissa’s work through the studio tours, solo shows, local shops, and TAP‘s annual art festival. A full-size throne created from toilet paper rolls won Best of Show at WNCC’s annual Recycled ARTicles show. A second throne, “Not Throne Away”, benefited the El Dorado County library. And if you had lunch at the Blue Angel last summer, you may have seen “Bear Your Soul”, a blue fiberglass bear featuring a mirrored mosaic at his center, created for the Bears by the Lake event.

Of her work Melissa says, “I recently showed a new piece to a shop owner and she burst out laughing. You connect with my work on an energetic level. It’s not cerebral, it’s fun. Hopefully that comes through.”

fez-bowl.JPGYou can see more of Melissa’s work at

The Paper Moon studio is open by appointment.