Love of Water Inspires Paintings by Melinda Plumbridge

May 1, 2017

sand-harbor-rocks-30×40.jpgWater is her fluid canvas.

Her inspiration.

Her connection to Tahoe. Her passion. And what better place to capture the beauty of water and its creative expression on landscapes than Lake Tahoe.

Meet Melinda Plumbridge from Tahoe City.

Melinda offers acrylic paintings, limited edition prints, and giclees of popular High Sierra landscapes. She is also available to paint Fine Art Murals and vineyard paintings for wine rooms and art niches.

Meet the Artist:

Melinda Plumbridge has lived in the mountains of the Sierras and Colorado for most of her life and has been painting for 30 years. Rivers, streams, small Alpine lakes and of course, Lake Tahoe are the subjects of her vivid landscape paintings. “It’s wonderful living in a place where there is inspiration everywhere you look. The Sierras are such a great place to live when you love water. Water is always a key part of the composition of my work. I try to capture it’s movement, and how sometimes it’s a perfect mirror the world above and other times it’s transparent to the world beneath the surface.”

Some of her latest work are vineyard scenes, inspired by trips to Italy and the California wine country. This work lead her into a new venture “Fine Art Murals”. “So many of the murals you commonly see are poorly executed . I’m seeing a real need for high quality paintings done on your wall. I’m really enjoying creating these beautiful works that open up a new world to your homes.”

Her acrylic paintings have been purchased by many avid art collectors of landscape paintings. Even Jim Gibbons, Governor of Nevada, owns three of her paintings. The demand has been so strong that her paintings were selling before they were ever completed. She loves hiking, and camping with her husband and two young sons, seeking the inspiration for her next landscape.