Locally Made “Art Helmets” by Melissa

February 7, 2022
    Art Scene

In honor of community, resiliency, art and culture, Melissa and Becky launched a lake-wide art auction to honor Angora fire fighters and one another. […]

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loveslabour.JPGIn loving memory of South Shore artist Melissa Lanitis Gregory, who forged the bond of art and community shore to shore, we take a look at her recycled paper Art Helmets using papier mache and mixed media.






vikingvalentine.JPGThe trio of art helmets, titled “Sonnet Bonnet”, “My Viking Valentine” and “Love’s Labours” (pictured here) features scraps of Shakespeare’s sonnets collaged onto the bright pink

In addition to her art helmets made from recycled paper and mixed media, Melissa also made earrings, bowls, clocks and other eclectic works of art.