Life’s Movement by Sara Zimmerman

July 9, 2017

She believes art is a personal journey.

A reflection and recording of what is happening around us.

Meet Sara Zimmerman, graphic designer, web designer, illustrator and painter from Truckee.  She’s also a surfer and rock climber. […]

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Because of the use of bright colors and attention to detail, early in her career Sara was often compared to Georgia O’Keefe.

desertblossom.jpgMore recently, Sara’s art has shifted to capturing ordinary moments in life that often get overlooked.

Painting is her passion.

Sara says painting allows her to express her optimism and joy, and to convey the beauty she sees in the world around her.

This is obvious in her most recent work like My Truckee and the series of dancing telephone poles in the open desert.

Artist Statement

Sara Zimmerman is an acrylic painter who juxtaposes urban and natural landscapes with the detail of close-range subjects. With an illustration and graphic design background, Sara began experimenting with acrylic paints and techniques to enhance her artistic message.

callinggrandma_lg.pngThough she draws on works from Gerogia O’Keeffe, Joan Brown, Richard Diebenkorn, and Paul Gaugain, Sara is mostly influenced by the expressive works of her grandmother, oil painter and former Associated Press courtroom artist, Rosalie Ritz.

Sara’s newest works take the feeling of Ritz’s movement and texture and incorporate it with traditionally stationary objects, resulting in dancing telephone poles and waving trees. Sara paints because painting is her passion in life.

She uses painting as a tool to show others the benefits of slowing down focusing on the beautiful aspects of the world that usually go unseen. Sara is represented in the Truckee/North Tahoe area, Reno, and the Bay Area and has works in private collections throughout the United States.

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