Life at the Lake by Lauren Sannazzaro

May 30, 2016

As a native of South Lake Tahoe and thriving young artist, she provides a refreshing perspective of life at Lake Tahoe such as her delightful depiction of Fannette Island and Emerald Bay.

Lauren Sannazzaro started drawing at age fifteen as a form of escapism creating colorfully detailed abstract designs. With an insatiable desire to learn more about art, she attended her first art class at Lake Tahoe Community College at age sixteen.

Lauren fell in love with the college atmosphere and the opportunity it gave her to explore her creativity without boundaries.  According to Lauren, art and the creative process is a means by which she can express her ideas unlike any other way.

Lauren’s artwork contains a variety of different media including clay, oil, acrylic, metal (steel, copper and aluminum), found objects, colored pencils and graphite. The medium chosen for each piece is dependent on her conceptual design and vice versa, which allows Lauren to cleverly express her vivid personal interpretations of her subjects.

“My process for creating art has a very technical beginning. Each piece has a well thought out design and concept. Naturally, adjustments are made along the way, but due to elaborate planning, much of my artwork retains its initial vision. A stylistic trait that resides within every piece is a highly detailed, very textured and meticulous surface. Time is of little importance as I’m absorbed within the artwork and endless hours pass.”   Lauren Sannazzaro

Besides creating art for school assignments, Lauren is busy preparing future works of art as she explores the depths of her creative expression.  She plans to create a series of figurative sculptures that she hopes will cultivate a new understanding and heightened awareness of the social inequalities and challenges that exist throughout the world. In the meantime, she looks forward to continuing to expand her knowledge of other media and techniques on her journey to obtain a Master of Fine Arts degree.