Lam Watah Washoe Heritage Site

January 4, 2017

Tahoe Culture Washoe at Lake TahoeHere, the Washoe fished and gathered berries.

The Lam Watah Washoe Heritage Site is a small archaeological site in South Lake Tahoe managed by the US Forest Service that is open to the public.

It includes many boulders with depressions where Washoe women used “pounding rocks” for grinding and preparing food during the summer and processed dried food for the winter.

It is set in a meadow along a one mile hike to Nevada Beach. The trail head is located on the corner of US Highway 50 and Kahle Drive, just north of the casino area in Stateline, Nevada.

There is another Washoe Indian Pounding Rock located in the middle of South Shore near Trout Creek.

Photo: Washoe Indians at Lake Tahoe 1866, Lawrence & Houseworth