Lake Tahoe Coast Guard

May 31, 2017
    Water Sports

At an elevation of 6,223 feet, the Lake Tahoe Coast Guard Station has the distinction of being the highest-altitude Coast Guard station in the country. […]

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The LT Coast Guard Station is located in Tahoe City and operates 24/7.  Someone stands watch from 9am to an hour after sunset during non-winter months. During winter months there is no watch stander on duty, but a crew mans the station at all times. The station maintains two 25′ RBS boats.

To assist the LT Coast Guard, we have two auxiliaries that serve the north and south shores respectively. Many of the men and women who volunteer their time for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary are veteran sailors and want to share their skills and education with recreation boaters. Our two auxiliaries focus primarily on Boating Education and Vessel Safety Checks and hold the boating safety classes at Lake Tahoe. To learn more about the Lake Tahoe Auxiliaries, click here.