Isolated Estate on West Shore: Ehrman Mansion

June 22, 2017


Hidden from view across from Sugar Pine Point State Park, Ehrman Mansion is an isolated architectural treasure.

Nestled among the majestic sugar pines on the West Shore, Ehrman Mansion or Pine Lodge is a fascinating example of the opulent tradition in Tahoe summer homes with meticulous landscaping still intact today.

In 1897, San Francisco businessman I. W. Hellman began buying property at Sugar Pine Point and by 1913 had acquired nearly 2000 acres. His grand but informal summer home called Pine Lodge, was completed in 1903 and was considered to be one of the finest in the high Sierra. His daughter, Florence Hellman Ehrman inherited the estate and she and her husband Sydney spent many summers here entertaining family and friends. Today, it is part of the California State Parks.

So, next time you’re traveling the West Shore, do yourself a favor and stop. In winter, take your cross-country skies for an enchanting ski along Tahoe’s lake shore.

Ehrman Mansion
Sugar Pine Point State Park

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