Impressionist Nanette Oleson

May 2, 2016

nanette-oleson-sunflowerheadShe is an international award-winning artist known for her dynamic brushwork and evocative impressionistic colors. Her paintings resonate with a passionate joy inspired by her love of gardening and hiking with her energetic dogs. Her paintings inspire hope, expressing with brilliant colors and lively brush strokes, a spontaneous joy of life.

Unlike many artists who trace their roots and love of art to their childhood, Nanette Oleson’s entrance into the art world was quite unconventional. As a school counselor, she spent years organizing and promoting art in the schools believing it was her job to help each child find their own area of giftedness, never realizing that she had any talent, especially limited by her inherited tremors and non existent drawing skills.

A chance encounter with a stranger in the mall suddenly opened up a whole new world of artistic exploration. Nanette met a 77 year old woman who offered to teach her how to paint. That same person had worked with Thomas Kinkaid in the early days of his career.

reflective_momentnanette-oleson Six months after being introduced to oil painting, Nanette was winning awards, receiving grants and studying with internationally recognized artists. In her brief years as an oil painting artist she has gained even more momentum propelled by her enthusiasm and desire to communicate the spiritual truths hidden in the beauty of creation. Nanette believes … “The ability to create art comes as a surprise and unexpected gift from God. I want my paintings to reflect the joy he has given me in being alive.”

nanette-oleson_with_polyptychYou can view Nanette’s work on her website,