Health 2 Humanity Soaps Fund Orphanages

May 25, 2016

Health 2 Humanity John CefaluHealth 2 Humanity, co-founded by John Cefalu of South Lake Tahoe, is focused on creating sustainable solutions to the sanitation problems facing many developing countries, not just throwing money or products at the problem.

With every bar of natural soap sold, four bars are donated to African orphans and additional profits are put aside to help create new jobs in economically disadvantaged areas. Health 2 Humanity’s operation is much more than a buy one, give one program – it is a testament to how we can create a cleaner world together, to the benefit of all.

Health 2 Humanity began in a simple dorm room in Southern California when John Cefalu, an 18-year old freshman, decided to leave the world better than he had found it. From the early days of making homemade soap bars with likeminded students in college dorm rooms, Health 2 Humanity has grown in the past year into an organization that is rapidly making a difference throughout Africa and Kenya through the availability of the best soap possible, at an affordable price.

Please visit and buy some soap!

John Cefalu from South Lake Tahoe is one of the founders of Health 2 Humanity. He is currently a student at Chapman University in Orange, CA, and is majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business and Marketing. He is from South Lake Tahoe, CA and realized how much was being taken for granted in his comfortable American lifestyle.  This realization came after visiting an orphanage in Nyeri, Kenya on a philanthropic trip with the non-profit organization, Think Kindness, and its founder, Brian Williams, in 2012 after his junior year of high school. This life changing experience was the catalyst that inspired the idea for this social enterprise.  The trip opened his eyes and showed him what he wanted to do with his life. There is no better feeling than helping other people, and Health 2 Humanity is a perfect way for him to make that happen!

Way to go John!