Healing by Sara Zimmerman

December 28, 2016
    ArtArt Scene

Truckee artist and designer, Sara Zimmerman’s “Healing” series reflects her path of trying to find emotional, spiritual and physical healing through art, many alternative healing modalities, and mindfulness.

“My healing artworks are my visual therapy for working through emotional and spiritual challenges. Regardless of where people are in their own journey towards becoming a better or healthier person, creating art like this most likely can help their process. It has for me.” – Sara

Through these works, Sara experiments with what a certain thought or feeling truly feels like, painting those first in colorful, textured layers. It is a very abstract process that requires a lot of quiet and inner exploration so she can “see” what colors and shapes really come to mind when thinking of a particular issue.

Second, she paints what she feels is needed in the healing process by adding different colors that evoke a healing thought. Finally, Sara adds the last layers that end up as visual reminders to her of what she needs to see to remember what it feels like to feel healed and whole. Included in these pieces are “Strength,” “Voice,” “The Royal Feminine,” and “Soul.”

For more information about Sara Zimmerman or the “Healing” artworks, visit www.sarazimmerman.net.