Hannah Teter Spreading her Gold with Sugar

December 25, 2016

Olympic Gold Medalist Hannah Teter wants to “Sweeten the World one Bottle at a time,” with her Pure Vermont Maple Syrup.

Hannah Teter, pro snowboarder from South Lake Tahoe, recently created Hannah’s Gold, a Vermont maple syrup company that donates 100% of its profits to funding infrastructure and humanitarian needs in the African village of Kirindon in Kenya. […]

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Being so grateful for what snowboarding has given her, Hannah wanted to give back. That’s why she teamed up with World Vision to build a better world for children in Africa.

To raise money, she bottled her gold and transformed it into Grade A – Pure Vermont Maple Syrup called Hannah’s Gold Maple Syrup. 100% of the proceeds goes to World Vision.  Click here to order it online.

In her own words:

I wanted to get involved with Team World Vision because in my heart, I’ve always had a passion to give back, and be able to reach out to those in need and spread God’s love. After receiving the Gold Medal, I now have an opportunity to pursue this dream and encourage others to give back.

I have chosen to adopt the community of Kirindon in the African country of Kenya, and make a long term commitment to help the children and families who struggle each day against the effects of poverty and AIDS. Kirindon, 250 miles east of Nairobi, is a rural, impoverished community that has been severely impacted by HIV and AIDS.

For the past three years Hannah has helped support Kirindon with numerous projects including paying for school fees, providing farming tools, purchasing home base care kits for HIV patients, purchasing bicycles and much more. Now, she’s committed to bringing safe drinking water and a sanitation system to the children of Kirindon, and you can help.

Click here to read more, and to donate.

Hannah Teter
Gold Medalist in Snowboarding Halfpipe
2006 Torino, Italy Olympic Games