Hand Made Art by Riverside Studios

August 22, 2021
    Art Scene

Toast the fine art of living with local artists, live music and libations on the First Friday of each month at Riverside Studios in downtown Truckee, where art and culture intersect.  All art is Made by Hand. […]

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Riverside Studios is an inspiring art gallery owned and operated by five artists with elemental dimension — Alanna Hughes ceramicist, Kahlil Johnson leather work, Mary Guerra roller printed silver jewelry, Sondrea Larson hand crafted argentium silver jewelry, and Pat Blide – ironwork and metal sculpture.

Riverside Studios art gallery includes a strong collection of artwork from local artists from around Lake Tahoe and Truckee, all hand crafted.

You can also meet Riverside Studio artists like Patrick Blide. He’s driven by a rancher’s rusted pile of twisted metal, old machinery parts and forgotten tools are a treasure trove in the eyes of this artist.

With transcontinental railroad spikes salvaged from abandoned lines as his primary medium Patrick is able to transform the static into the dynamic with whimsical characters coming to life via hammer, anvil and flame.

Pat Blide

Along with Pat Blide, Riverside Studios includes pottery by Alanna Hughes, handbags, belts and leather accessories by Kahlil Johnson, jewelry by Sondrea Larsen, and paintings and jewelry by Aimee Had and Kathryn McGaughey.

Riverside Studios is located in downtown Truckee at 10076 Donner Pass Road.

Riverside Studios

10076 Donner Pass Road
Truckee, CA 96161



Meet Alanna Hughes – Clay,  Riverside Studios Founder

Aspects of Alanna’s pottery are left unglazed leaving a window to view the natural clay body. Her work is modern with a twist into nature. By using bold and vibrant colors along with elegant shapes, her clay pieces are intriguing. Her pottery is food, oven, dishwasher safe and made to be used functionally.

When did you decide to become a ceramic artist?

I have always been drawn to dirt, but touching fresh clay was the tipping point.

Were you cautioned or encouraged to do pottery as a means to make a living?

Encouraged. The biggest leap was when my sister lent me $1,000 to purchase my potters wheel in 2000.

Is there a single purpose that keeps you focused?

I enjoy the expression and functionality of ceramics. While doing pottery I can’t be tense. I have to breathe and relax in order to shape forms while on the wheel. Pottery is a meditative craft for those that are too energized and unfocused to actually meditate!