Geology of Tahoe with Scott Valentine

October 2, 2016

Scott Valentine, Earth Science instructor at Lake Tahoe Community College presents, “The Geology of Tahoe: A Story of Earthquakes, Glaciers and Volcanism,” and explains how a number of sometimes violent forces transformed the Basin and Lake Tahoe over the centuries.

The weather, erosion, and plate tectonics that combined to forge and shape Lake Tahoe and the mountains that surround it were considerable, according to Valentine. “We’re talking lower crustal magmatic injections, 600 year droughts, underwater landslides, and catastrophic ice dam failures. You should invest in a waterproof bunker!”

As a river enthusiast, he was easily drawn to the Earth Sciences. With a degree in Fluvial Geomorphology and Water Resources, Scott began working with the U.S. Forest Service on river ecosystem restoration projects in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

He began teaching at the Lake Tahoe Community College in 2004 and is the Head of the Geology and Geography Departments and an advisor to the Geology Club. Lab-based courses are offered every quarter and field courses regularly appear in the schedule.

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