Gaia Licious features Made in Tahoe products

July 14, 2021
    Made in Tahoe

Tahoe Culture Gaia LiciousBelly Dance outfits. Jewelry. Hats. Books. Clothes. Bags.

If you are looking for something truly different and locally made, visit Gaia Licious in South Shore. It’s an Unique Experiential Boutique.

Kelly and Felix have opened their doors and hearts to locally made, one-of-a-kind products and art that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s South Shore’s creative incubator.

They also carry the widest selection of eco-friendly products in South Shore and Fair Trade products from indigenous peoples from all over the globe to help preserve their cultures and sustain their ways of life.

For December, the Gaia Art Gallery is featuring the self-reflective portraits of Jennifer McLevis.

amelia-bagsHere are just a few of the Made in Tahoe gems you’ll find. And be sure to visit their blog for the latest arrivals:

  • Beaded jewelry by Gaylebird Designs.
  • Custom Beats Original Graffiti Hats by Ed. Colorful hand painted caps.
  • 100% Recycled Handbags by Amelia.
  • Cards and Books by David Justice. Very, very creative.
  • Ceramic sets by Kat Weed. Beautiful natural colors. A major talent.
  • Rear View Miracles charms and Quan Yin Garden Bells.
  • Match Boxes by Anonymous. This artist pastes Mexican lottery cards to the top of match boxes. $2. You must see these. Now that’s creative.2007loteria3.jpg
  • Panties, tops and hoodies by Jen, Pantyline Productions. An activist artist (aren’t they all?), Jen donates 20% of all sales to promote anti-violence in Kenya.
  • Happy Hats by Amy Anderson
  • Bamboo Hair Sticks
  • Fantastical Cards by Kristen Schwartz
  • Books:
  • In the Service of Gaia by 28-year local, George Drake
  • Incompletely – Poems by April Mai
  • The Edge by LT Writing Club

Disclaimer: Shopping at Gaia Licious may be habit forming and take awhile due to the inviting atmosphere, good music and great gifts. If you get lost, enjoy!

gaia-storeGaia Licious
987 Tallac Avenue (near Yellow Sub)