Watercolor and Mixed Media by Fred Noerdlinger

November 10, 2016

Noerdlinger_IridescentWind_10x26_WatercolorHe incorporates strong value changes with expressive brush strokes to create depth and movement.

His watercolors are bold and contemporary and appear to glow with over twenty layers of color.

Recently, he added iridescent watercolors and a variety of rice papers to his pieces, a combination that has resulted in new and unique works.

Meet Fred Noerdlinger, watercolor and multi media artist from Truckee.

Fred’s innate talent was instilled in him by his parents at a very early age.  His mother was an artist and his father a scientist.  Fred claims he is a product of both.  His mother taught him about fluidity and spontaneity, while his father aroused his curiosity to seek the reason why.

Artist Statement:

“Watercolor to me is a mixture of both art and science. There are rules to follow and rules to break. When, where and why are found in the result of the finished painting.

I like to paint bold. I love strong value changes. I like lifting and glazing and blending colors on the paper. I like to paint big and let the painting tell me when I’m finished.

I paint to progress. I view galleries to expand. I read books that explain and read them again when I forget.

I want my work to speak to people. I want them to stand and gaze at my paintings and forget they are standing.”

Noerdlinger_Four Boxes and a Square_24x18_WatercolorTo learn more about Noerdlinger and to view his portfolio, click here.