Freckle Face Switch Plates in Truckee

May 11, 2019

Funny how ideas come to light.  Literally.

As an artist herself, she wanted to create a way for everyone to afford emerging artists’ work without having to find space on the wall, or pay for framing.  So she started putting art onto light switch plate covers. First her own art, and then other artists.

Meet Kristen Anderson from Truckee. […]

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Kristen lived in Truckee from 1988-1995 until she graduated from UNR and moved to Crested Butte, Colorado for 15 years.  She just moved back to Truckee in 2010.  Kristen has been producing art in the form of paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and calligraphy since she was 14. Kristen’s dad was a good artist she says, and although he didn’t encourage her, he definitely inspired her.

For the last six years, Kristen has been embellishing light switch plate covers with her art and other artists’ work, by hand.  She makes a mini print of the original painting and glues and varnishes it onto a plain plastic switch plate.  And, voilà.  Let there be art for every man, woman and child.

Kristen’s light switch plate covers are so popular she’s been selling them in over 25 shops across the country from Mountain Hardware in Truckee to the New England Ski Museum in Franconia, New Hampshire.  She also sells them at farmer’s markets, craft shows and online.

“I get inspired by other artists. I love art, though I’m not the most talented around… which is why I started putting art onto light switch plate covers – so I can enjoy other people’s art on a personal level.  It’s practical and useful art! I love to go to art festivals and local galleries to find new artists whose art has what it takes to make a great looking light switch plate. ”  Kristen Anderson

Kristen is happy to be back in Truckee. While she enjoys seeing all of the changes, she digs all of the old buildings.

So do we Kristen.  So do we. Welcome home.

To learn more about Kristen Anderson, please visit or contact her at (970)209-4110 or to order your own custom switch plate art now Made in Truckee.