Field Seminars & Photo Tours with Jon Paul

January 14, 2018

If pictures speak louder than words, his photographs can change the world. […]

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Jon Paul uses his photography to open our eyes and hearts to the importance of the environment in our daily lives. Through his amazing photography, Jon, a full time landscape and wildlife photographer, focuses on capturing the intimacy of the quiet places that surround us. Jon also conducts private individual and small group field seminars for photographers of all ability levels.

Sign up for Jon’s Fall in the Grand Tetons Photography Workshop and Tour September 27-30, 2012.

Here’s your chance to venture into the field with an accomplished, internationally collected professional landscape photographer. Learn to shoot in the manner in which you aspire.

His intention was clear when he opened his gallery in 2001. Jon wanted to bring the fine art of nature, the subtle moments of nature, into people’s homes and businesses.

“The inherent environmental message in my work is obviously very important to me. However, I believe the greatest impact my work has is in the enhancement of individual’s daily lives. Our society has created an environment of stress. If people can look at one of my fine art landscape images at home, at work, or in a corporate space and enjoy a moment of healthy escape and a realignment of perspective, I have made an impact in this world.” Jon Paul

Besides an eye for composition and beauty, Jon feels the moment and uses a large format camera allowing him to get quality and critical focus.  Jon does not and will not use digital cameras. Instead he uses a large format camera and 4 x 5 film, and lots of planning!  The importance of good planning cannot be understated says Jon.  He arrives with plenty of time to select the angle he wants to and to refine his composition and focus.

Jon Paul’s Private Field Seminars & Photo Tours:

Jon conducts private individual and small group field seminars for photographers of all ability levels. These are not lessons on the functions of your digital camera. Jon’s field seminars are focused on the idea of learning through doing. You will venture into the field and look through the lens together with an expert, Jon. You have the opportunity to shoot with an internationally collected professional photographer, observe his process, and directly ask him all of your photographic questions. On these photo seminars you will discuss composition, exposure, light, perspective, field techniques and procedures, equipment and planning.

My belief is that photographers should focus on “doing things right” to begin with. If you put yourself in the right place, in the right conditions, thoughtfully compose your image, expose properly and use good technique, anything else you choose to do “in processing” is easy. We focus on these basic practices and build from there.

Jon is available for seminars and photo tours ranging from one day to two weeks, as well as continuous education schedules for aspiring photographers that wish to build on their knowledge over an extended period of time. While he often works with individuals and couples, group seminars can be arranged for photo clubs, classes and corporate groups. These are informal learning situations that enable everyone to relax and learn through the process of doing photography in real life conditions. Each seminar is customized for the individual or groups.

Portfolio / Photo critiques and basic Photoshop lessons are available and can be arranged in conjunction with any seminar or independently.

Please call the Jon Paul Gallery for pricing and to schedule a field seminar or photo tour at 530-544-4269. Visit to learn more about Jon Paul’s photography.

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