Exposed Ski Lines caught in Squallywood Book by Robb Gaffney

December 15, 2022

If you liked the 1st edition, you’ll love the 2nd.


A Guide to Squaw Valley’s Most Exposed Lines by Robb Gaffney, MD.


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As the doctor of psychiatry (that explains a lot!) puts it, the 2nd edition has more radical lines and more amazing descents ever witnessed at Squaw. Often referred to as The Bible of Squaw Valley, Gaffney has included new classifications for each Pitch as well as epic stories by locals getting caught…

And, this season you can Ski-the-book with the doctor at the Squallywood Clinic Classic on January 30 and 31st, 2010; and the Squallywood Clinic Light on March 5 and 6, 2010. You’ll get to ski some of Squaw’s classic lines with some of the world renowned skiers and cinematographers who helped make Squallywood….well Squallywood.

But first, get the Bible with 280 pages of pure entertainment including:

  • Steep skiing/snowboarding history
  • The new lines in addition to the 152 described in the 1st edition
  • 40 detailed maps
  • 130 photographs with 26 full color pages
  • 38 vistas for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders
  • An epic tale of survival on The Rockpile
  • Cross-references to 35 movies in which a Squaw line is skied, with a guide to finding those specific descents in each film.

New items in the 2nd edition

Epic Tales:

Chapter called “Falling into the White”, written first hand by two local skiers who had an epic outing one morning while skiing the forbidden gnarled terrain under the tram. One was caught in an avalanche and, unconscious, was carried down over 800 vertical feet of cliffs and chutes. The other was forced to put his own life on the line and decide whether to ski one of the hardest routes on the mountain after it had been stripped of snow, to rescue a buddy he wasn’t even sure was still alive. This was just the start of their epic tale.

RobbGaffney-Plake-Line-Clinic-2009“Pitch” Classifications:

In addition to “Difficulty”, “Hero Factor”, “Fun Factor”, and “Movies” that were used to describe each line in the last edition, Gaffney has added “Pitch”. Each line is measured by a surveying tool to measure degrees of steepness.


Diversified contributing photographers to gain a more grass roots feel. Those photographed in the book are not necessarily the pros but local people passionate about the mountain. New color photo section documenting the younger generation skiers and snowboarders on the mountain.