Egg Painting Workshops with Cathee vanRossem-St.Clair

December 29, 2017

Here’s an opportunity to have an amazing experience with Cathee vanRossem-St. Clair (the egg lady) who has created the Egg Compassion Painting Project. […]

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This fun, easy-going workshop is great for anyone interested in trying something new. As a participant, you will have a chance to examine eggs laid by a variety of animals, learn about the art of storytelling, discover drawing and painting techniques using the simplest tools, gain enough confidence to paint your own story around the entire surface of an eggshell, and share that story in the form of a narrative poem. You don’t even have to know the first thing about eggs or art or storytelling or writing in order to have fun and succeed.

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Famous for her magnificent egg art and inspirational storytelling, Cathee vanRossem-St. Clair’s painted eggs have earned national recognition. One of her eggs, The California Thrasher, created for the Whitehouse Christmas Tree, is now in the National Archives. “Like most artists, my creative journey began at an early age. Since I lifted that first crayon, storytelling and language – the language of birds, the language of the earth, and the silent language we humans use to interact with our inner and outer landscapes, have fed my art. Images from dreams, observations, and quirky musings push their way into my sketchbooks to this day,” shares St. Clair about the beginning of her artistic journey.