Deeper Meaning Art Show

December 28, 2016
    ArtArt Scene

From painting, drawing and printmaking to life sized figurative papier mache sculpture, the Deeper Meaning art show is an eclectic mix of multi media 2 and 3D works by local artist Alison Lee and “used to be local” artist Sheri Howe.
Alison and Sheri have been friends, artists and soul sisters for more than 20 years.   Here’s more insight into their creative inspiration, in their own words.

Alison Lee, local Lake Tahoe:

I am a visual artist that uses many different mediums to express my creativity. Printmaking has been a twenty year passion, but I have expanded my creative endeavors to include watercolors, colored pencils, acrylics, ceramics and mixed media collage. My imagery is born from an undying love of nature and my experiences within it. I have lived and played in the Lake Tahoe region for 20 plus years and during that time I have skied, hiked, biked and climbed my way through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I never tire of the scenic beauty of this area and I am blessed to call it home.

Traveling has also been a large part of my life and has influenced much of my artistic style. I have spent time in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Patagonia, and Canada. My travels have allowed me to experience many cultures of the world and I have drawn from various religious symbols and beliefs to create my own spirituality. My art has always been very personal to my life and I use a lot of color and symbolism to capture that perfect “moment”.

Six years ago I had an opportunity to teach art to children part time at a private school in western Nevada. Being a mother of a young child nearing primary school age, I was drawn to the possibilities of art education and I jumped in head first. At the age of 37, I found myself going back to school and have since completed my K-8 elementary certification with a K-12 Art Endorsement from Sierra Nevada College. In August of 2010, I also completed a Masters Degree in the Art of Education. This experience has changed my life in many ways. I am forging a new path for myself, building upon an exciting career that incorporates my love for art, my dedication to bettering the education of our youth and my endless quest for higher knowledge. I teach primarily to foster creativity in my students and am always searching for new opportunities to express my own creativity.

Sheri Howe:

My work is a direct expression of my thoughts, visions and dreams, reflecting all that is essential and sacred: connection, reverence, compassion and love. For me, the artistic impulse serves as a crucial form of positive action, interaction and communication. It is also my form of counter-culteralism. The interaction with and connection to the natural world compels me and is certainly at the core of my creative existence and expression.

As an artist, however, I find I am unable to explain or define myself. The process simply draws me in and the creative vision unfolds. My connection to the muse is very unbiased, unpredictable and spontaneous, never stagnant or definitive. My work reflects a moment of contemplation, an offering, and a prayer and is the visual language of my remembering of all that is ancient, beautiful, nurturing, sustaining, powerful and mysterious and of our absolute interconnectedness. It is a personal vision compelling us toward true connection, understanding, and the divine impulse of living creatively and consciously. It is an awakening vision and an invitation. – Sheri Howe